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Our high-net-worth (HNW) projects are always a pleasure to be involved in; restoring some beautiful and unique homes over many years. HNW works can often be complex but we flourish on these challenges and welcome the need to meet with high customer expectations. Whether the works/claim involves the full reinstatement following an escape of water from an indoor swimming pool, or complete refurbishment following a fire, we have the abilities, experience, tradesmen and specialist contacts to bring your home back to life.


Insurance Works

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From strip out works to full reinstatement following flood and water damage to fire and smoke loss, we are here with a dedicated team to restore your property to its original state using quality tradesman and techniques. We are experts in restoring any property, including high-net-worth. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship from our warm and friendly office team to our professional and courteous on-site operatives.  We make sure that our restorations are only carried out to the highest possible standard because we understand how unsettling and inconvenient damage to your property can be. 

Refurbishment Works

Knoetze have become the vanguard of the refurbishment process and we put you at the centre of the development. In some refurbishments, plastering, painting and decoration is enough to achieve the results you seek. We will help you avoid going overboard with renovations, or far exceeding your budget, by consulting with you and understanding your needs before we go ahead to plan and design your refurbishment project. We are here to make your vision a reality through great value services. We support our customers through expert advice, great communication and a personalised and friendly approach.

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Investigation  Works


Burst pipes, blocked drains or adverse weather conditions can cause flooding to your home, but sometimes it isn’t obvious where the ingress is coming from!
Investigating the source of the leak can be a time-consuming and difficult  experience, especially if the source isn’t from within your property. We are experts is deciphering where the escape of water is coming from, with the use of specialist knowledge and techniques built up over years.

Emergency Works

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We understand that when your property suffers damage, time is of an essence. Therefore our emergency works and disaster response specialists can be on site within hours of your call.  Our specialists’ fast response, experience and advanced equipment almost always reduce the severity of damage suffered to your property.

Document Preparation

Our office based team are highly experienced in document preparation; we understand that organising and collating documents can be a burden taking up much valuable time, and often items may go missed risking further delays to repair or reinstatement works.  We ensure that your documents are prepared and submitted accurately and in good time.

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Specialist Services

Knoetze Limited provide a range of specialist services relating to property repair, residential and commercial renovation, as well as contract cleaning.

Contract Cleans: 

We understand the amount of dirt and dust generated by building works is phenomenal, so a thorough clean is essential for both aesthetic and Health and Safety reasons. Knoetze Limited offer contract cleaning services for projects of all sizes from small renovations to major construction  - our experienced team will ensure that your project is cleaning to the highest standards:

  - Builders Clean

  - Waste Removal

  - Deodorisation of Bad Odours

  - Pest Control

  - Painting & Decorating

  - Maintenance Works

  - Restoration /Refurbishment work


Graffiti Removal:

Knoetze Limited provides timely and effective building restoration, carrying out graffiti removal from a variety of surfaces. Graffiti is disfiguring, sometimes offensive – always an invasion to public and private property.

Graffiti removal from different surfaces and paint types need different techniques - we use sand blasting and the more delicate soda blasting as well as traditional scrubbing techniques for graffiti removal.

Removal of graffiti without trace or damage to the substrate, operator or environment!.

  - 24 Hour hotline for offensive/racist graffiti.

  - Graffiti removed from any surface at fixed rates per metre.

  - Managed Graffiti Removal Programme (MGRP): fixed prices for graffiti removal and continued removal.

  - Removal of graffiti from historical buildings, monuments and statues.


Impact Damage:

We realise that damage caused as a result of sudden impact is a more common occurrence than you may think - this may include damages from: a vehicle, plant or machinery or falling tree. Whatever the cause of impact damage, the consequences can be disastrous.  

Knoetze Limited always achieve the highest possible quality repairs in the shortest possible timescale; our objective is to get the client back into the property as quickly as possible, and hence reduce the ongoing trauma an impact damage incident will have.


Our disaster and recovery team including Engineering Surveyors will assess the damage and make the property safe. A claim manager will meet with the insurance representative and carry out a detailed assessment of the required repairs and provide costing.  Upon instruction, our skilled restoration team will carry out all necessary reinstatement works.  The appointed claim manager is directly involved throughout the entire duration of the project ensuring a successful and economical claim resolution.

Asbestos Sampling & Removal:

Asbestos was extensively used as a building material in the UK from the 1950s through to the mid-1980s. It was used for a variety of purposes and was ideal for fireproofing and insulation. Any building built before 2000 (houses, factories, offices, schools, hospitals etc) can contain asbestos. Asbestos materials in good condition are safe unless asbestos fibres become airborne, which happens when materials are damaged.


  - Asbestos sampling.

  - Asbestos surveys type 1 2 & 3.

  - Asbestos Removals/Abatement/Encapsulation.

  - Demolition.

  - Reinstatement / refurbishment.

  - Site client liaison.



As part of an Asbestos Management Strategy is is advised that total removal of the hazardous substance may not always be the best solution. An alternative to removal is encapsulation which involves treating Asbestos with a coating that surrounds or embeds fibres in an adhesive matrix to prevent the release of fibres.


Removal and disposal:

The first step is to contain the area and render the site safe. An airtight enclosure is constructed around the contaminated or working area to protect the outside environment. To prevent leakage of dust outside the enclosure the area is put under negative air pressure. 



Reinstatement and damage repair covers works and areas affected by the removal or management of Asbestos containing materials. Our staff can repair areas and make good any damage caused.


Demolition Services:

Demolition is the tearing down of buildings and begins with a process of stripping out valuable materials.

Where there is a proposal for refurbishment, rather than complete demolition, we offer a service to allow for stripping out and non-structural demolition works that may be required. Knoetze Limited are specialists in demolition and machinery, and pride ourselves in safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly methods of site clearance and recycling.

Our services include:

  - Demolition contractors.

  - Demolition waste removal.

  - Excavations.

  - Land clearance.

  - Site clearance.


To ensure you choose the most suitable method of demolition for your project, please contact one of our experts.

Secure Site:

Fencing Services

Boarding Up

Vacant Property Inspections
Alarms & On-Site security

Following and satisfying the insurance requirements of the UK’s largest underwriters, including AXA, HSBC, Willis and Insolvency Risk Services it is important to protect homeowners and landlords’ investments.

We Look After

  - Securing the property against illegal entry.

  - Replacing or boarding up all broken windows.

  - Sealing letterboxes if unoccupied for more than 6 months.

  - Removing all internal and external waste materials.

  - Shutting off the gas supply.

  - Shutting off and draining down the water supply (unless a sprinkler system is installed).

  - Shutting off the electricity (unless this is required for site visits, viewings or alarms).

  - Inspecting property internally & externally every 7 days.

  - Reporting any breaches to the Property Owner, landlord, Insurance Company, Adjuster and recommending actions to rectify the problem immediately.


Mediation Works for Subsidence:

Tree Surgery.

  - Felling and stump removal.

  - Site clearance.

  - Crown reducing, thinning and lifting.

  - Hedge Trimming.

  - Planting.

  - Vegetation Control.

  - Woodland/estate management.

  - Fencing.

  - 24 hour emergency cover.



Utilising our extensive and flexible civil resource we quickly deal with drainage problems from the survey through to the repair, refurbishment, or replacement of drains.

Water leaks into the soil from, for example, a broken drainpipe, and washes soil away from the foundations. This happens to soils with a high sand or gravel content usually, or sometimes in chalk.
It may be necessary for specialist geological and drain surveys. Moving soil can sometimes crack drains or water mains.