Snagging and the good builder

Snagging is the process at the end of a building project where minor adjustments are required in order to finish the job to everyone’s satisfaction. This can often be an opportunity where a good builder can distinguish themselves from average or poor ones.

It is easy at the end of a project, when the budget has been spent, for a builder to be tempted to move onto the start of their next project, the work is virtually finished, and the client who has moved out while the main work was carried out to their property has now moved back in. This can be incredibly frustrating for clients who only want to see their job finished well and don’t want to be interrupted by builders any more.

Knoetze Master Builders regard this as a great opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition. We realise that snagging can be annoying for all concerned so we make every effort to keep our snagging lists to a minimum and when we do have snagging work to undertake we try and do it quickly and as efficiently as possible. It is in our interest, as we are keen to get great reviews from our clients.

If you are starting out on a building project, consider how you would like it finished before you choose your builder.

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Glenn Carstens-Peters