5 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to bathroom renovation one of the major elements of the design should be storage. Storage is an essential aspect of any household and the bathroom is no exception! We all know the ugly but essential toiletries that comes with a bathroom…shower gel, sponges, towels and loo roll. Whether it’s a large family bathroom or small en-suite space, make your bathroom clean, crisp and clutter free with these clever storage ideas:

1/ Floor to Ceiling Storage: Floor to ceiling storage is the ideal storage solution for a large bathroom space and will certainly come in useful for storing all the bathroom bits and bobs which come with having a large family. If you have a spare wall that doesn’t have a toilet or basin fitted to it, it makes sense to create this area into storage space. Floor to ceiling cupboards come in a range of styles and provide the perfect place to store the odd toilet roll, large towels, bath mats and even your bathrobe.


2/ Vanity Sink Units:  Under sink storage is the most common storage solution in bathrooms. A vanity sink unit incorporates a sink and a cupboard in one unit providing extra storage for your bathroom essentials.   Depending on the style of your sink the cupboards can vary and can match your chosen bathroom suite, whether it’s a contemporary, slick finish or a modern take on a traditional cupboard. Choose from either a wall-mounted or floor standing design.


3/ Bathroom Cabinets: Whether wall mounted or floor standing, bathroom cabinets offer the ideal storage solution in any bathroom space. The mirror and cupboard combination is another great space saver and offers the ideal location to store everyday essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwash in easy reach, but hidden away from others to see. If the space allows, opt for a wall mounted cabinet over a floor standing one; wall mounted cabinets keep your bathroom looking light and airy.

4/ Clever Shelving: Fill wasted spaces with clever shelving solutions that you may not have even thought about! Perhaps you’ve got an unused area under the sink or beneath the windowsill that could be turned into a handy shelf. Ideal for displaying those special touches that you’re happy to go on display…vases, reed dispensers, tissues or extra storage for guest towels. For that added touch of luxury, why not some mood lighting to your shelves, whether it’s colour changeable LED lighting or traditional spotlights.  


5/ Built-in Bath Storage: Transform this dead space into storage! The space contained within the supporting structure of a built in bath is a perfect place to turn into more storage. With a hinged side panel that pulls out you could create a bespoke area to store those smaller toiletries, bath toys or cleaning products.

For further bathroom storage inspiration watch our video below:

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