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Knoetze Master Builders – Inspirational Kitchen Ideas

Inspirational Kitchen Ideas

Knoetze Master Builders in London & Surrey have a huge wealth of experience in designing, creating and installing kitchens to a wide variety of briefs. We hope this kitchen ideas page will inspire you when it comes to planning for your next kitchen project.

Installing a truly striking kitchen requires thoughtful design, well-constructed units, expert preparation, and craftsmanship.

Please see our inspirational kitchen ideas gallery featuring recent kitchen installations across London and Surrey.

Knoetze Master Builders – Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is at the heart of the home…a place for cooking, family dining, dinner parties and making childhood memories. We understand it is one of the most rooms in the household.

Master Builders Knoetze work closely with our clients to understand their goals of having a new kitchen…the style, the ambiance, the practical elements, space, storage and more. Our aim is to create a simply unique kitchen that will last for many years to come, a place where your friends and family take sanctuary.

Free Master Builder Consultation Service  – Kitchen Ideas

This page, along with our portfolio page is a great way of building your kitchen ideas. However, we also offer a free ‘Master Builder’ consultation service to anyone considering installing a new kitchen in their home so we can give you a builder’s insight to help you choose the right kitchen designs for your home.

There are many things for your builder to consider when installing a modern kitchen. We will be looking at these and discussing with you during our visit:

Kitchen Removal
How can we take out your existing kitchen cleanly and safely? How can we protect the rest of your property while the work is being carried out?

What provisions have you made for your family’s cooking / eating requirements during the build process?

Cookers & Ovens
Which fuel type? Gas? Electric or solid fuel? As your builder we need to consider how we can get the power supply to the oven. Electric ovens will generally require their own cable from the consumer unit.

What type? Gas? Electric? Induction? Can we get a gas supply to the hob? How is it extracted? Is there enough space for the design of the extractor hood, have you considered all the extraction options? Do these comply with building regulations?

Can we get hot and cold water supplies to the location on the design? How will the waste be drained? Is their sufficient gravitational fall? What is the water pressure like? Will that affect which kitchen taps we can use?

Fridge / Freezers
Is there an electrical supply? Is the floor level? Otherwise the fridge freezer will make a noise. Does the design require a water supply? If so how can we get a water supply to the location of the fridge on the plans? Does it require drainage? If so how can we get a drainage pipe to the location of the fridge?

Are they to be built-in or freestanding can a water supply be delivered? Can it be drained? Are there any other appliances to consider? Microwaves, coffee machines, island units?

What material will it be made from? Timber? Granite? Marble? Corian? How is the kitchen configured? L Shaped, U Shaped or a straight run? Worktops are often heavy how can they be delivered? Up or down stairs without damaging or being damaged during transportation?

Are they flat and smooth enough to have the glass or stainless splash-backs on the design?

Are the units painted or natural materials or made from something else, how can we ensure that the finishes are protected right through the build process so we can hand it over to you in mint condition?

What type of lighting will work best for your kitchen design? Have you considered under cupboard lighting? Up lighters? Down lighters? Featured or hidden? LED or conventional? What is the ceiling made from? Is there a cavity above it?

What type of flooring have you considered? Tiled, wood, vinyl, concrete or something else? How is the floor heated? How will this impact upon the levels of the adjacent rooms and the height of the thresholds?

Exterior Works
Are there doors out to the garden? Does the opening need to be made larger? How will your house be secure while the new doors are installed?

Project Management
How can the sequence of different trades be streamlined to reduce the time taken to install a kitchen, and keep costs and overruns down to a minimum?

There are a lot of things for your builder to consider, so we recommend that you get a builder’s perspective before choosing your kitchen. At Knoetze we will help you make the best decisions to make your dream kitchen a reality by giving you the best advice possible from the start to finish of the project. Our excellent workmanship is guaranteed.

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